Triathlon Gadgets

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Garmin Swim Speed Sensor

Garmin is reportedly developing a Swim Speed Sensor, set to be released as a separate accessory. There may be two models—one for pool usage and one for open water swimming. The exact wearing position is uncertain, but it could be on the head, torso, or ankle. Speculations include improved flip turn detection and the potential for additional swimming metrics based on torso movement. The market for such a product is considered niche, targeting professional swimmers with possible interest from serious amateurs. While triathletes may be interested, the overall swimmer gadget market is small.

Suunto Vertical GPS Watch

Suunto has released the Suunto Vertical GPS watch, which boasts several notable improvements. The watch now features fully offline mapping, WiFi capability for map downloads, and solar charging for extended battery life. It also incorporates dual-frequency GPS/GNSS satellite connectivity for enhanced accuracy. Additional features include a flashlight mode, continuous 24×7 heart rate recording, and support for underwater activities.

Run Form Analysis App

A startup called MOVAAI is offering an online running form analysis service. Users can upload videos of their running, and an AI-powered algorithm analyzes the footage to create a personalized running form report. The analysis is backed by input from physiotherapists and coaches. The service aims to help runners improve efficiency and reduce the risk of injury. MOVAAI is currently offering a free beta test, and users receive a complimentary running form report with exercise recommendations. The startup is also recommended for triathletes and cyclists seeking a bike fit analysis.





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