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Excuses triathletes make

We all have this one good triathlon buddy that seems to struggle keeping up with his training. Typically they always use the same excuses, along the lines of “life happened” and “too much work” or “my wife wants some quality time on Sunday”.

But then that imaginary friend of ours hits a particular milestone, where he runs out of excuses that he can make to avoid going with you for a suffer fest of a ride up that local hill.

We, Triathletes, are noble men and women. We don’t want one of us to lose their face. We want them to keep their dignity; thus why we present an ongoing list of excuses that can be used in many scenarios.

  1. Too much work
  2. Got fired, can’t train
  3. New job, no time
  4. Gave two weeks notice, can’t train
  5. When she goes to see her mom, then I’ll join
  6. When she will get back from her mom, I’ll have more time
  7. I’m on an all-inclusive resort, nowhere to train
  8. Just came back from vacation, need to catch-up with work
  9. Oh, I’m going to this triathlon camp next month – I’ll make it up there for all the missed runs
  10. My head hurts
  11. My ass hurts and I ran out of chamois butter!
  12. It is raining
  13. It is snowing
  14. It is too cold
  15. It is too hot
  16. It is too humid
  17. It is too dry
  18. 20% chance of Thunderstorm!
  19. Can’t train outside, because it is too hot/cold/rain
  20. I feel I am getting sick
  21. Kid is sick, need to sit with him
  22. Kid is no longer sick, no time, have to drive him to school
  23. Nowhere to train in the city. Once I move to this new neighborhood..
  24. It is Thanksgiving day, and I’ll start again after Christmas
  25. After New Years actually
  26. Nowhere to run
  27. It is too flat, no hills
  28. It is too hilly, no flats
  29. Too much shit to do before a business trip
  30. Too much shit to do after a business trip
  31. Can’t train on a business trip
  32. I hate hotel gyms and treadmills
  33. There is nowhere to run, no 1/2 mile loop in a local park is to short. I hate running in laps.
  34. Bike on maintenance in LBS
  35. Got bike back, but they did not adjust derailleur/brakes/steering/whatever.
  36. Did not take running clothes with me
  37. Forgot my running shoes
  38. This is my walking sneakers, not running
  39. My stomach feels funny
  40. I just ate some fatty protein, can’t train
  41. I’m getting bored in the pool
  42. I’m getting bored on the treadmill
  43. I’m getting bored on the track
  44. I have chlorine allergy
  45. Allergy season goddamnit!
  46. There is too much traffic to ride bike outside!
  47. I’m fed up riding on TrainerRoad
  48. Zwift is only fun first 5 seconds, then it is like TrainerRoad
  49. I am too sore after last month workout
  50. I am overly rested, need to ease-up training!

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