Drafting in swimming

They say that drafting can make a big difference in your swim. That drafting can save you a lot of precious time in swim leg, that you are wasting time and energy if you are not drafting. That drafting can reduce energy output by up to 40 percent.

That is all bullshit.

There are no rules against drafting another swimmer, which means it does not help. Because we all know that everything that can make you faster is already banned, right?

Drafting during the bike leg? Banned.

Use of PEDs? Not allowed.

Buoys and fins? No, you can’t use them too.

So please, stop doing this drafting nonsense – nobody likes people who are tickling your feet when you try to swim your amazing 2:45 per 100yd pace in an Ironman! So under no circumstances never position yourself:

Behind somebody during swim leaving 1 foot between your outstretched hand and their feet to stay in the draft zone.
Slightly to the side of somebody who is a faster swimmer then you – between the ankles and hips. If you position yourself here, you will be surfing bow wave created by that swimmer.

Don’t fucking draft.





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  1. james Avatar

    But it does work

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