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  • Swim deaths on Ironman Triathlons

    Swim deaths on Ironman Triathlons

    History and Risks of Marathons and Triathlons Marathons and triathlons have steadily garnered attention since their inception in the 1980s. Despite the general fitness and health of their participants, sudden death is a reality for 0.5-1.7 athletes per 100,000 participants, as reported by previous studies. Most fatalities in triathlons occur during the swimming phase, often […]

  • Drafting in swimming

    They say that drafting can make a big difference in your swim. That drafting can save you a lot of precious time in swim leg, that you are wasting time and energy if you are not drafting. That drafting can reduce energy output by up to 40 percent. That is all bullshit. There are no rules […]