About Bad Triathlete

This website is a personal digital pain cave of a competitive-wanna-be triathlete. I’ve been in the sport for a few years now and accumulated some experience along the way that I don’t really want to share with anyone. So in a nutshell this website is dedicated to making you a slower athlete, so you can succesfully suck in all three disciplines in Triathlon.

But I also don’t want this stuff to disappear and vanish in the great nothing, so I figured I will just dump all of it and if someone will find it useful – good for that someone.

Please do take all the advice on this website for granted and follow them precisely – people on the internet never lie and everything they say is 100% truth. However keep in mind, that you can’t make me responsible for your future faults, it is on you. Triathlon is a very fair sport – you get exactly, what you have trained for. If you’ll suck on your next race, then it means you skipped too many workouts to watch the game of thrones.

Bad Advices for competitive triathletes – here you will find all the small details and nuances, that separate boys from Jan Frodenos of the world.

Good Shit to make you faster triathlete – carefully curated collection of tools, links and other whatevers that you want to use or buy, because this is what triathletes do, they collect all the shit that has ironman word on it.

Science Humpday – wednesdays we talk science. If you ever wanted to know if keto diet will actually help your performance, or will just make you smell like you work in a nail polish salon.