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  • How to properly fuel your body for a triathlon

    How to properly fuel your body for a triathlon

    Triathlon is a demanding physical endurance sport that requires athletes to swim, bike, and run for extended periods of time. Proper fueling is essential for triathletes to maintain energy levels, prevent dehydration, and optimize performance. In this post, we will discuss the role of nutrition in triathlon performance and provide tips for choosing the right…

  • Rotate your running shoes!

    Rotate your running shoes!

    If you want to avoid injury while running, it is important to vary the shoes you use. Running in different models and styles will allow you to engage different muscles in your feet, which can help prevent overuse injuries. Additionally, it is important to give your running shoes time to decompress after each use. A…

  • Nutrition for Performance

    Nutrition for Performance

    How to eat to perform the best? What to eat to avoid stomach cramps? When to eat to avoid the wall? Nutrition is often underestimated, but it is really is another discipline in the sport of triathlon. Follow along with these essential nutrition tips from pre-exercise to recovery for performance and health. Image © Kylie…

  • I feel pain. Should I train?

    A quite useful flowchart from pro-runner and coach Phoebe Wright – whether or not you should run when you feel some pain in your lower extremities. But! Keep in your lazy mind, that if you can’t fucking run you can still fucking cycle and if you can’t do that because whateve – you can swim.…

  • Run time predictor

    If you do know your current time on 10k or half-marathon, then you can use this chart to predict your run time during Ironman or Ironman 70.3 triathlons. Just find your run time in the first two columns and see the prediction on the right. How do you think – is it accurate enough?