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  • Swim deaths on Ironman Triathlons

    Swim deaths on Ironman Triathlons

    History and Risks of Marathons and Triathlons Marathons and triathlons have steadily garnered attention since their inception in the 1980s. Despite the general fitness and health of their participants, sudden death is a reality for 0.5-1.7 athletes per 100,000 participants, as reported by previous studies. Most fatalities in triathlons occur during the swimming phase, often…

  • Punchy Intervals For Norseman?

    Punchy Intervals For Norseman?

    For extreme starts such as the Norseman, low-intensity training (run/velo) as well as long intervals at an intensity close to the target competitive pace is an important element of training. Can shorter, more intense workouts (threshold intervals) provide additional benefits in terms of performance gains? Is it possible for shorter, more intense workouts (threshold intervals)…